Events in Piedmont: Explore the rich cultural fabric of Piedmont through its diverse events and festivities. From the world-renowned Vinum wine festival to local art exhibitions and outdoor activities, experience the unique blend of culture, nature, and art that defines Piedmont.

Palio di Asti
Nestled in the heart of Piedmont, amidst the rolling vineyards and picturesque landscapes, lies the ancient city of Asti. Here, every September, the echoes of hooves, the vibrancy of fluttering flags, and the jubilant cries of its people merge into a captivating symphony of tradition, passion, and history: the Palio di Asti. More than just a horse race, the Palio is a living tapestry of Asti’s medieval heritage, a celebration that has remained undiminished through...
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alba truffle fair 2023
Nestled in the heart of Italy’s Piedmont region, Alba is a town renowned for its gastronomic heritage, picturesque landscapes, and world-class wines. The highlight of its culinary calendar is the International Alba White Truffle Fair, an annual event that draws gourmets from around the world eager to savour the famed Alba white truffle. Throughout the event, the town of Alba transforms into a hub of culinary and cultural activities, offering a variety of experiences ranging...
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Where to stay for Alba Truffle Fair 2019 
The International White Truffle Fair of Alba is one of the main showcases of Italian gastronomy and excellence. From 5 October to 24 November the municipality of Alba, in Piedmont region, will receive more than 600,000 person. The 3 reasons to visit Alba, during this period are: Food, Wine, White Truffle and Old Town exploring. Before you decide where to stay in Alba, let’s break down those stereotypes. That’s precisely why we wrote this guide...
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vinum 2024
Italy is a country overflowing with charm and allure, brimming with enchanting destinations that make the hearts of travelers flutter with anticipation. Among such captivating spots are the Langhe and Roero areas, nestled in the Piedmontese province of Cuneo and located a mere 70 kilometers from the vibrant city of Turin. A picture-perfect blend of culture, nature, art, and outdoor activities, these regions are undoubtedly worth exploring. During Vinum, the city streets transform into tasting...
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The Harvest in Turin
The Harvest in Turin – Grapes in Town 2020 La Vendemmia a Torino returns to the Piedmontese capital for a new edition this fall. The event “La Vendemmia a Torino 2020”, dedicated to Piedmont’s winemaking excellences in the showcase between palaces, royal residences and boutiques of the city will take place from ****IN UPDATE****  nine days of wine tasting and culture. The appointment with this new Turin gastronomic event promoted by the Department of Culture...
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monforte dalba jazz festival
Monforte in Jazz Festival By climbing through the streets of Monforte d’Alba, beautiful center of the Langhe and the birthplace of great producers of Barolo, there is always conquered by the beauty of ‘ Auditorium Horszowsky, situated on the summit of a medieval village. A unique place and one of the most unique locations in the Italian festival scene: right here many of the most famous and popular players in the international music scene give...
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cioccolatò turin
Cioccolatò 2019 The most famous event in Italy on artisanal chocolate returns to Turin, the Piedmontese capital with a completely new guise, the primary actors are the master chocolatiers, their art and the excellence of their products. From 8 to 17 November 2019 in Piazza San Carlo and Via Roma. The aim of Cioccolatò 2019 Turin Chocolate Festival, gives originality and variety to the event and give importance to the enhancement of excellence, tradition, and...
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asti festival of festivals
The largest open-air restaurant in Europe, the Asti Festival of Festivals is one of the most awaited events of September in Asti. During the harvest period, for the production of the best wines of Piedmont, the city fills up people who meet to participate in the Festival Delle Sagre in Asti. Creative cuisine · Best brunch · Child-friendly · Tasting menus · Cheap eats · Great food · Healthy options · Cosy atmosphere · Large portions What is Asti’s festival of festivals? The Asti’s Festival of Festivals is a traditional festival...
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Best Piedmont Festival
Many festivals are organized every year in Piedmont between the summer and autumn periods in which it is possible to participate. Many of the best festivals have food and wine as their focal point. Situated at the foot of the Alps, the region called Piedmont is indeed a picturesque place in Italy. Its capital, Turin, offers some of the most extravagant Baroque architecture one can find in Europe, hosting a plethora of archeological and anthropological...
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International Alba White Truffle Fair 2019
The Alba International White Truffle Fair is confirmed each year as the most important event in the world dedicated to the “King of the Mushrooms”, the Tuber magnatum Pico. Alba International White Truffle Fair is an event that, for eight weeks, turns the spotlight on Alba, on the hills of Langhe, Roero, Monferrato, on quality food farming and on the excellence of our country, becoming one of the most sought after and prestigious showcases of...
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