Infernot Ebike Tour in Monferrato Area

7 Hours
Availability : From Mar - Oct
Min Age : 9
Max People : 15

Monferrato Bike Tour

Infernot Tours

The Infernot are underground rooms, which can be single-chamber, multi-chamber or corridor, carved into the Cantoni Stone. These underground chambers are without light, without ventilation and with humidity and temperature they are ideal for storing bottled wine.

During the Infernot e-bike tour we will cross the countries where Infernot are jealously guarded, where you can discover their history and learn about the representative wine culture of this area.

  • Local Guide
  • Information about Monferrato land
  • Outdoor Activity
  • Visits
  • Lunch
Route length

40 km





Difference in altitude m
<200 mt
  • Intermediate difficulty
  • Suitable for children
  • Trolley
  • Duration 7 hours
  • Maximum number of participants 30
Tour Price Excludes

The Itinerary of this Monferrato Bike Tour

The Monferrato Infernot Tour starts in the village of Fubine. Leaving its historic part we go to Viarigi to see its ancient Signals Tower and then to Vignale where, behind the parish church of San Bartolomeo you can take advantage of the wide panoramic of Monferrato Casalese and Monferrato Astigiano.
Next village we cross is Camagna Monferrato which you will recognise by the valiant lantern sitting on top of the dome of the parish church of Sant’Eusebio.
We move to Conzano where we have the opportunity to have lunch in a beautiful “agriturismo”.
In the afternoon we go to Lu Monferrato whose highest point is the soaring bell tower, one of the most picturesque spots in Monferrato. From Lu we go to Cuccaro and then to our starting point, Fubine, where tour ends.

Group tour Experience in Monferrato region

Ebike and Bike Tour


in Fubine (AL) – Piazza Robotti.


Departure from Fubine at 10.00

3First Step


4Second Step


5Third Step


6Fourth Step


7Lunch Break

Lunch time in Conzano

8Fifth Step

Lu Monferrato

9Sixth Step


10Last Step

Return to Fubine at 17.00

Monferrato Bike Tour Group Map

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