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Medieval castle and vineyard
small medieval town at sunset with a castle and vineyards in Italy

The settlement’s name of Camagna Monferrato comes from Casa Magna, probably referring to an ancient structure on this territory. In the XII century, the feud was owned by the Aleramic branch of the marquises of Monferrato, who let built a castle in order to fortify it.

Despite the good fortification, Camagna was occupied, looted and destroyed by the troops of the Visconti of Milan (1431), by the Spanish (1630) and by the Austrian army led by the Prince Eugene of Savoy (1692-1693).

The Bobba family held the Lordship of Camagna from 1465 to 1641 when, extinguished the line, the Gonzaga invested the Grisella family. Already in 1536, the land registries record the presence of numerous lands dedicated to grape growing, significant indication for that time, of an intense wine activity that has its roots in the earlier centuries.

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Camagna Monferrato Church & Landmark

The settlement has an articulated morphology: to the centered part around the fortress are added the ramifications.The urban fabric is arranged along three roads that converge on the fortress.The hill was once occupied by a castle, of which there aren’ttraces anymore, and by the church of Sant ‘Eusebio that stands still today for the extreme verticality of its dome, completed in 1885.

Sant' Eusebio Church - Camagna Monferrato
Sant’ Eusebio Church – Camagna Monferrato

The church is in mixed masonry, with the presence of bricks’courses and blocks of Pietra da Cantoni. It shows up with its eighteenth century appearance, with an apse transepts and cupola due to the architect Caselli of Fubine. The bell tower, in Romanesque style, is the oldest part of the church, although it was raised in the eighteenth century. Inside, above the main entrance, it is located a large altarpiece of Guglielmo Cacilia, known as Moncalvo, depicting the SS.Trinity with the Virgin and San Giuseppe.

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