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Tradition has it that the village’s name originates from Diana D’Alba, hunt’s goddess both of Ligurians and Romans, on the hill where now stands the village, existed precisely the Diana’s wood.

As part of the historical center emerges, however, the Parish Church and its tower bell, built at different times during the eighteenth century and admirably harmonized by the architect Carlo Francesco Raf gone, who highlights the influence of Juvarra’s school.

The interior of the Church, with a single nave, is masterfully decorated with golden friezes and capitals, and represents evangelical scenes created by the artist Rodolfo Morgari of Turin with the contribution of the painter Fedele Finatti of Alba. Inside there are many paintings of well-known artists, such as the display of the Shroud of Antonio Tempesta, gift of Savoy family, the baptism of Jesus of Beaumont and six works of Clare

Diano D'Alba Langhe Piedmont region
Diano D’Alba Langhe Piedmont region

Parish Church

Diano D'Alba Parish Church​
Diano D’Alba Parish Church​

The Town’s church square also represents a suggestive panoramic viewpoint in front of the landscape of the Langa of Barolo and, in particular, of the Castles of Grinzane Cavour, Serralunga Alba and Barolo. The viewpoint is right on the ruins of the old castle that was destroyed in 1632 by Vittorio Amedeo l.

Another noteworthy monument is the Palazzo Ruffing, built for the first time in the mid of the Seventeenth century and rebuilt almost entirely in 1730. Inside there are finely decorated rooms, with the magnificent council chamber where, in addition to artistic friezes and precious furniture, they can find the napoleonic cards.

In Diano d’Alba you can find the wine cooperative “ I Sorì of Drano d’Alba” , to which adhere so far 44 wine producers.
Here they can taste the typical wine of the township, which is the Dolcetto of Diano d’Alba.

The Sorì In Piedmontese dialect the term “sorì” indicates a well exposed to the sun vineyard. Every hill, although cultivated with the same type of vine variety, can give different characteristics to the wine that becomes so absolutely “son of the territory.” Generally the best and most requested slopes, are those exposed in South-West, because they are sunny in the middle of the day until sunset.

Diano D’Alba Travel Guide

Apart of the ramparts still existed in 1843. In 1937 have begun the road construction works that concern the residential zone, before the tower stood on the rampart and the pointed arch was the only passage between the ancient center of the village called Novello (corresponding to the current via Umberto l, Piazza Guglielmo Marconi and the area of the castle) and the Borgo S.Michele (corresponding to the present via Giordano).

On the tower it was painted the two-headed eagle yoked to a chariot, that is the symbol of Del Carretto’s family, this was canceled in 1848, in the Risorgimento, as interpreted as emblem of the Austrian Empire In the crypt of San Sebastiano, Via Roma 1, they can find the Bottega del Vino (Wine Shop), commissioned by the NovelIo’s Municipality in spring 1988. This Wine Shop presents to the public the best wine production of the village: there are 42 associated companies of which two in cooperative regime, based outside Novello but with 30 manufacturers conferring grapes.

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