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The little town of Moncalvo is situated at 305 meters above sea level in the Monferrato area between
Asti and Casale. Its origins are very ancient and, as second in importance among the towns of this
area, it was home to the Marquisate of Monferrato, including the descendants of the Greek Byzantine
Palaiologos family, through their Montferrat (Monferrato) cadet branch.
The medieval building “Casa Maria” in Piazza Garibaldi may have been the residence of the Marquises
of Monferrato. Moncalvo was given its official title of “city”(città) from a decree issued by Duke Ferdinando Carlo Gonzaga and this was reconfirmed by King Vittorio Amedeo III of Savoy.
The town possesses some interesting and historical buildings. The church of San Francesco has a late
Romanesque apse and some lovely paintings by the local Renaissance artist Gugliemo Caccia, also
known as “The Moncalvo”. The old parish church, Madonna delle Grazie, is of interest. A country
church or “Pieve” just outside the town is also worth a visit and there is a Roman tombstone to be seen
here too: one of Moncalvo’s oldest archeological objects.
Back in the town itself, the medieval walls can still be seen in Piazza Carlo Alberto, which is also the
town’s center.

The Moncalvo Theatre

The theatre – completely restored – is situated in Piazza Garibaldi. It offers a varied program
of plays in winter and works in local dialect during the autumn. In spring and summer, it holds
concerts, ballet, art exhibitions, and lectures.
The historical center contains many narrow lanes, such as “La Francia”, typical of the town.
Every Thursday, the street market – a historical event in itself attracting visitors from all over the area –
occupies Piazza Carlo Alberto.
The town offers some splendid views of the Alps and is immersed in the beautiful countryside of the
Monferrato. It has much to offer in the way of excellent local cuisine, wine and folklore, which are its
main tourist attractions. Its history is entwined with that of the Monferrato as a whole.
It holds the “Fair of the Fat Ox” in December, a traditional country cattle fair, and it’s very own White
Truffle Dair in October (this year the 65th edition will be held). Moncalvo also takes part in the annual
Palio horse race of Asti, which takes place in September.

What to do in Moncalvo

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