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The small Monferrato Village of Vaglio Serra was fortified placement in Roman times, in order to defend the linking road between Incise Scapaccino and Vinchio, it was a feud of the Marquises of Incise in the XII century. Following the war events, where different factions were opposed during the centuries in order t0 take the territory’s control, Vaglio passed t0 the lords of Monferrat0, who entrusted the fief to the noble Crova family in the early XVII century.

This dynasty promoted the construction of the parish church of San Pancrazio (1720), that is still the most significant monument of the city center. In Romanesque Renaissance style, it preserves inside an ancient baptismal font of 1578.

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Cantina Socials di Vinchio e Vaglio Serra

Social Cellar Vinchio Vaglio
Social Cellar Vinchio Vaglio Serra Barbera Barrels

On the border between Vinchio and Vaglio Serra is located the Cantina Socials di Vinchio e Vaglio Serra, significant example of wine growing and producing cooperation between small wine producers. Established in 1959 by 19 wine growers of Vinchio and Vaglio Serra, currently lists 185 members, owners and renters of around 420 vineyards’ hectares of specialized cultivation. The original centre has been expanded several times, thanks also to the financial support of the Piedmont Region, and is now equipped with advanced facilities such as modern wine-making machinery, a new department for bottling and packaging, as well as a substan- tial number of small and large barrels for the aging of the finest wines.

The winery promotes tasting days in order to spread the knowledge of its product in Europe and America.
Annually occurs a celebration day that includes: a walk in the Natural Reserve Val Sarmassa, stops in the most beautiful places, a traditional farmer’s breakfast and a guided tour of the Wine Cooperative, where wine-making processes are explained and the produced wines are offered for tasting.

Val Sarmassa Natural Reserve

Vaglio Serra Natural Reserve
Val Sarmassa Natural Reserve​ between the municipalities of Vinchio, Incisa Scapaccino and Vaglio Serra

The Val Sarmassa Natural Reserve includes a hilly area of over 200 hectares located between the municipalities of  Vinchio, Incisa Scapaccino and Vaglio Serra, in the province of Asti. In the Reserve you can find a remarkable natural heritage rich in fauna and flora species and numerous fossils.

Among the most striking there are the Lago Blu (Blue Lake), a pristine little lake at the Val Sarmassa’s mouth; the ‘Rú’ (the big oak tree), where under its shadow are passed centuries of history; the “Casotto di Ulisse’ in Monte del Mare, an ancient shelter for agricultural tools, which during the Resistance became the first base of Vinchio’s partisans, the ‘Bricco dei Tre Vescovi’ , where is located the stone that once marked the intersection point between the jurisdictions of the Dioceses of Asti, Alessandria and Acqui.

Direction from Val Sarmassa

Several suggested itineraries are accessible on foot, by bicycle or on horseback.

For information: Via San Martino, 5 14100
Phone: +390141 592091 Email: enteparchi8parchiastigiani.it
Website: www.parchiastigiani.it

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