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The territory of NoveIlo, feud of the Del Carretto’s family, played for centuries a strategic role for the control of the valley Tanaro and of the paths towards Alba and the Langhe. For this reason it was a point of contention for a long time between the Marquises of Monferrato and the municipalities of Asti and Alba.The oldest area has a wedge shape, where there are many historic buildings, including some fortified houses.

Novello Point of view, Langhe, Piedmont
Novello Point of view, Langhe, Piedmont

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Novello’s Castle

Novello Castle, Langhe, Piedmont, Italy
Novello Castle, Langhe, Piedmont, Italy

The village’s fortress is dominated by the Castle, a striking building that emerges between vineyards and woods, surrounded by centuries-old chestnut trees. The building dates back to the nineteenth century. It was designed by the architect Giovanni Battista Schellino of Dogliani (1818-1905), an important Piedmontese exponent, together with architects Pelagio Palagi and Ernesto Melano (who work respectively in Racconigi and Pollenzo) of neo-gothic and eclecticism.

The building stands on still visible ruins of the ancient medieval castle. In a print of Go fin (1808-1889)they can cbsewe a high, massive wall of the original castle. Currently the building is used as a restaurant, with a vast modern room near to the halls of the late nineteenth century, which preserve frescoes and authentic décors.

Parish Church of S. Michele Arcangelo

The Parish Church of S. Michele Arcangelo rises on the age-old Medieval church , that became in the ‘700 inadequate compared to the number of the believers. The project belongs to the architect Vercellone from Cherasco. It was built between 1761 and 1783.The plan is a Greek cross, with a single nave.The spatial concept is great, despite the simplicity of the lines, and tends to give the impression of a vertical tension of the structure towards the circular dome, which rises to a height of 35 meters.The tall and slender facade is made of earthenware tile. It is linear, in overlapping orders, surmounted by a tympanum on the central axis.

The pictorial decoration is harmonized with architectural lines.

Next to the parish church is located the bell tower, the best preserved medieval monument of the village. Originally It was isolated, high on the ramparts on the hill’s eastern side, which bordered the center until it joins with the manor of the Marquises of Carretto built on the rock where now stands the castle.

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Apart of the ramparts still existed in 1843. In 1937 have begun the road construction works that concern the residential zone, before the tower stood on the rampart and the pointed arch was the only passage between the ancient center of the village called Novello (corresponding to the current via Umberto l, Piazza Guglielmo Marconi and the area of the castle) and the Borgo S.Michele (corresponding to the present via Giordano).

On the tower it was painted the two-headed eagle yoked to a chariot, that is the symbol of Del Carretto’s family, this was canceled in 1848, in the Risorgimento, as interpreted as emblem of the Austrian Empire In the crypt of San Sebastiano, Via Roma 1, they can find the Bottega del Vino (Wine Shop), commissioned by the NovelIo’s Municipality in spring 1988. This Wine Shop presents to the public the best wine production of the village: there are 42 associated companies of which two in cooperative regime, based outside Novello but with 30 manufacturers conferring grapes

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