Alba Tourist Information

Alba travel guide International Alba White Truffle Fair
Alba travel guide International Alba White Truffle Fair

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Alba in Piedmont, has a temperate climate, with warm summers (Jun–Sep) and cool winters (Dec–Feb). The best time to visit Langhe is from July to November, which is also peak Alba white truffle harvest season. The long-running International white Alba truffle Fair (Fiera Internazionale del Tartufo Bianco d’Alba) start in October and will end in November. The international fair is a truffle show with cooking demonstrations and folklore displays, plus artistic and cultural events.

Where to stay in Alba, Italy

Average nightly price for book an hotel in Alba, Piedmont, Italy
Average nightly price for book an hotel in Alba, Piedmont, Italy

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Alba Vacation, Langhe, Piedmont

Alba travel guide, Piedmont, Italy
Alba travel guide, Piedmont, Italy

Alba in Italy, is the second most populous town in the province after the main city Cuneo. Alba presents the historical and economic capital of Langhe region. Located just 50 km from the capital of Piedmont Turin, it stands largely on the right bank of the river Tanaro, on a broad flat basin surrounded by the beautiful hills, covered in vineyards, of the Langhe and Roero.

Historically Alba is one of the most important Neolithic station of Italy, in 190 BC the Roman conquest of southern Piedmont began and Alba Pompeian was founded. In 1171 Alba became a free Commune, then it experienced several domination of Paleologi, Marquis of Monferrato, until in 1537 Charles Ventered the city.

The Savoys took possession of Alba in the early seventeenth century, until in 1796 Alba was proclaimed Free Jacobin Republic and in 1944 Free Partisan Republic with the awarding of the gold medal for military valor. In 1994 the river Tanaro overflowed causing great wounds to the city.

Cathedral of San Lorenzo in Alba

The Cathedral of San Lorenzo in the neo-Gothic style built on the ruins of an ancient Roman temple is in Piazza Risorgimento which is historically the place dedicated to mercantile exchanges. On the square there is also the Town Hall built on the remains of Roman walls, it contains some important paintings. Near the square there are other significant buildings such as the church of San Domenico (XII-XIV century) and the Baroque Confraternity of St. Joseph (seventeenth century) recently renovated and home to cultural events.

Piazza Rossetti, right beside the Cathedral, is the birthplace of Beppe Fenoglio, now the seat of the Centre for the Study of literature, history, art and culture dedicated to him. Alba was known as the city of a hundred towers, there are only a few left (the best preserved are those between Piazza Risorgimento and Via Cavour) and, among those that remain, many have been lowered to the level of the roofs or incorporated in buildings.

Of particular interest there are also “archaeological” paths leading to the discovery of underground Alba. In Alba is also present one of ten Italian Wine School, founded in 1881: the Agricultural Technical Institute “Umberto l”.

Travel Langhe Wine Testing Tour Experience
Travel Langhe Wine Testing Tour Experience

Alba, Unesco, food and wine heritage

Alba is full of events often focused on food and wine heritage. Flowering festivals take place every year the last weekend of May in Duomo Square (piazza del Duomo). In addition to market Aleramim ,which proposes the excellent wine and food of the territory, there are concerts, and shows of dance and theater.

Since 2004 Alba Music Festival takes place in two weeks between May and June as well as in three weeks from late July to early August. Over 50 concerts with soloists, orchestras, recitals, musicians, seminars and more. The International Fair of the White Truffle of Alba, is held annually in October and lt is organized by the Fair Organization. Founded in 1928, the Fair has over time taken the importance of an international event.

The Donkey Race and Tournament of the Hundred Towers are on the first Sunday of October.

Best Things to do in Alba, Italy

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