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The village of Barolo (Bareu or Bareul in Piedmontese) is located in Langhe valley, protected by surrounding hills, almost entirely vineyard~cultivated. Its particular location might be the origin of the famous “Barolo“, from the Celtic “Bas reul” which means “low place”.
The small village has medieval origins and extends along the main road leading to the castle, that formerly belonged to the Falletti of Barolo’s family, now venue of the Wine Museum and of the Regional Wine of Barolo.
The building, whose first records date back to the tenth century, has an irregular structure around a square tower and its present appearance is due to a significant nineteenth century’s restoration.

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Barolo, Church of San Donato
Barolo, Church of San Donato

What do do in Barolo?

Ancient history and settlement.

The Barolo area in Piedmont Region is strongly characterized by the panoramic point of view, with many routes on ridges where they can appreciate views of great landscape value.
The urban settlements of Barolo, Serralunga d’Alba and Castiglione Falletto, possess an high outlook and visibility from the surrounding ridges, accentuated by the presence of buildings such as castles and parish churches, located in an elevated position within each village. The hilly landscape and historic villages’ view is very impressive from the viewpoint of La Morra, one of the widest overlook of the entire land.

Barolo Village & vineyards
Barolo Village & vineyards

Barolo, Corkscrew Museum

The Barolo Corkscrew Museum (Museo dei Cavatappi) in Piazza Castello, 4, was founded in 2006 and is structured in 19 sections that tell the birth and evolution of a simple tool, but rich in history and curiosity.
The museum tour offers a chance to see decorative and figurative corkscrews, but also pocked-sized, advertising, multipurpose systems, animal and erotic themed, including those in miniature for perfumes and medicines. A section is devoted to precious corkscrews, made by the best craftsmen and goldsmiths with fine materials, where aristocrats and religious let affix the coat of arms or their name’s initials.

The museum is open every day from 10:00 to 13:00 I 14:00 to 18:30.
The closing day is Thursday.
For information and reservations: Tel: +390173 560539
E-mail: [email protected]http://www.museodeicavatappi.it

Barolo Corkscrew Museum
Barolo Corkscrew Museum

Church of San Donato, Barolo

In the square in front of the Barolo castle is situated the small parish church of San Donato, whose current aspect dates back to the first half of the eighteenth century, although it was built on the grounds of a preexisting building, probably of Romanesque era.
It has three naves with octagonal dome and six side altars and contains the Falletti’s tombs, lords of Barolo.
Along a slope that leads to the castle, there is the original Corkscrew Museum (Museo dei Cavatappi), which started as a private collection and now collects 500 examples of corkscrews coming from different nations, from the eighteenth century to the present day, and there you can also find a small wine bar.

La Volta Castle

Just outside the village of Barolo, in an isolated position along the main road that joins La Morra to Novello, you can find the Castle “della Volta’, which is also owned by the Falletti’s family.
Its construction started in the fourteenth century and was subjected to different building phases. but unfortunately at present is abandoned and it can not be visited. In Barolo’s municipality are located many wine manufacturing companies.
One of the most historic and prestigious is the Azienda Marchesi of Barolo.

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