Best Piedmont Festival, Fair and Events

Best Piedmont Festival

Many festivals are organized every year in Piedmont between the summer and autumn periods in which it is possible to participate. Many of the best festivals have food and wine as their focal point.

Situated at the foot of the Alps, the region called Piedmont is indeed a picturesque place in Italy. Its capital, Turin, offers some of the most extravagant Baroque architecture one can find in Europe, hosting a plethora of archeological and anthropological wonders from a variety of ages.

Best Piedmont Festival, Italy

Reverenced for its exquisite gastronomic offerings as well as wines, making the place some piece of paradise. Piedmont plays host to a number of festivals in the region year after years, and none of them are ever a waste of time.

If you are coming here to experience some appealing events in Piedmont? Here some of the very best.

Monforte D’Alba in Jazz Festival – July to August

It was just last year that this festival clocked forty years. The Monforte d’Alba Jazz festival is held every year, never failing to host some of the most exquisite jazz musicians in the world. Thanks to the huge multitude of people that flock into Piedmont for this festival, it never fails to deliver an exceptional experience enlivened by some great voices on stage, ranging from Paolo Conte to Ute Lemper.

In addition to the great music, there is a varied selection of delicate meals you can also delight in. If you are a die-hard fan of Jazz, then this is one festival for you.

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monforte dalba jazz festival
Monforte d’Alba Jazz Auditorium Horszowski

The Palio of Asti – 1 September

What is known and unargued to be the most ancient Palio is held in Asti every first Sunday of September. While no one knows for sure when the debut happened, the chronicler Giovanni Ventura, in 1275, said the race was a consolidated and century-old tradition.

This revelation is what affords the event nearly a thousand years of age. Well, the Palio is not the only event that sparks September in Piedmont, as there are also others such as the Festival Delle Sagre, the Douja D’Or and many other initiatives that transform the region into some outdoor festivity.

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Palio of Asti

The historical parade of Palio – 1 September

The days before the race, there are many events that introduce the horse race. In fact, in Piazza San Secondo, the patron saint of the city, from Thursday before the Palio, each district and municipality suburb presents itself withstands dedicated to the sale of representative objects of the district or village.

On Friday and Saturday evenings before the Historical Horse Race, each participant at the Palio organizes propitiatory dinners.

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palio of asti parade

Asti’s Festival of Festivals – 7-8 September

The largest open-air restaurant in Europe, the Asti Festival of Festivals is one of the most awaited events of September in Asti.
During the harvest period, for the production of the best wines of Piedmont, the city fills up people who meet to participate in the Festival Delle Sagre in Asti.

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festival dei festival delle sagre di asti
Festival dei festival delle Sagre di Asti

Bra Slow Food Cheese Festival – 20-23 September

Every third weekend in September, a town called Bra in Turin’s southside holds an event dedicated to one of the finest foods you can ever come across – cheese. There is an extensive range of exciting events held during this festival, save the second to none taste workshops and dwell on the discussions about the magic behind the creation of cheese.

The Slow Food Cheese Festival embraces this delicious food and casts admiration on the men and women who rear the animals whose milk is used to make it. While visiting, do make sure you visit some of the chefs to get some really extraordinary pizzas and cheese-based dishes.

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bra cheese 2019

Other famous events in summer Piedmont:

  • Asti Musica

    Ten days dedicated to national and international music Website Link

Best Piedmont Festival in Autumn

International Alba White Truffle Fair (Oct – Nov)

Starting from the 5th of October through to the 24th of November, you are given a chance to experience the Alba Truffle Show. Get some unique tastes, as this sensational festival does well to celebrate the truffle in the most adores and brilliant way possible.

The festival generally centers around some of the most amazing chefs featuring their best dishes. Just as you have a chance to meet them, but also savor their scrumptious meals and even watch some cooking shows from the stables of the very best. There’s also a wine tasting session, and an avenue to sample as well as learn concerning some of the truffle-related fantastic aromas.

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Alba Truffle fair


Turin Chocolate Festival – Cioccolatò

Here’s one for the chocolate lovers – the Turin chocolate festival 2019 is held for those who are firmly taken with chocolate. There is a wide selection of brown sweets to chew on, made by some of the most skilled chocolatiers there are in Piedmont – just purchase and taste as you see fit.

What could amaze you is the fact that many of these chocolate pros still use traditional methods, and with the finest quality ingredients. The Turin Chocolate Festival isn’t one you want to miss, especially if you’re going to sample some of the finest chocolates possible.

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international chocolate fair 2019
Cioccolatò, International chocolate fair 2019 in Turin

Asti Palaces of Taste 2019

Asti Palazzi del Gusto or in English Asti Palaces of Taste 2019 is going on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 November, the beautiful historic buildings in the Asti City center, become a destination for gourmet visitors to discover the aromas, flavors and characteristics of the White Truffle of Alba along with the fine wines of Monferrato presented by the Barbera d’Asti Consortium and Monferrato wines and from the Asti DOCG Consortium.

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Asti Palaces of Taste 2019

Vinum – National Fair of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato wines

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vinum fair alba

Other famous events in autumn piedmont:


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