Asti Palaces of Taste 2019

Asti Palaces of Taste 2019

Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 November, the beautiful historic buildings in the Asti  City center, become a destination for gourmet visitors to discover the aromas, flavors and characteristics of the White Truffle of Alba along with the fine wines of Monferrato presented by the Barbera d’Asti Consortium and Monferrato wines and from the Asti DOCG Consortium. Asti Palaces of Taste 2019 is an opportunity to learn more about the Piedmontese products of excellence through show cooking, sensory analysis, and wine tasting, but also training sessions and unmissable shopping opportunities at the Regional Truffle Fair.

white truffle found in Asti countryside

Asti Palaces of Taste 2019

The historic headquarters of Palazzo Mazzetti, Palazzo Alfieri and Palazzo Ottolenghi (Discover Asti Museums) become Asti Palaces of Taste (Asti, Palazzi del gusto) the privileged place in which to host the “Mercato del Tartufo“, the unique space in which to purchase the Tuber magnatum Pico (Alba White Truffle) with the quality standards guaranteed by the Quality Commission that takes care of checking every single specimen of White Truffle of Alba, the Foodies Moments, or the show cooking in which the White Truffle of Alba meets the signature cuisine, but also exhibitions, cultural meetings and of course laboratories and immersive experiences with Sensory Truffle Analysis and the Wine Tasting Experience organized in collaboration with the Barbera d’Asti Consortium and Monferrato wines and with the Asti DOCG Consortium. If you like, after the manifestation, you can buy for only 10 €, the Full Ticket Museums or enjoy Asti Wine Tour or Truffle Hunting Experience.

A Thousand Scents of Monferrato” is linked to the events that enrich the cultural landscape of Asti, including the great exhibition “Monet and the Impressionists in Normandy” at Palazzo Mazzetti from 13 September 2019 to 16 February 2020.

“Palazzi del Gusto” is an event promoted by the Tourism Department of the Municipality of Asti in collaboration with the International Fair of White Truffle of Alba and the National Center for Truffle Studies with the support of the main institutions, institutions and associations of the territory Asti.

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+ Photography by Giulio Morra  

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Photo of Asti Palaces of Taste 2018

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