International Alba White Truffle Fair 2019

International Alba White Truffle Fair 2019

The Alba International White Truffle Fair is confirmed each year as the most important event in the world dedicated to the “King of the Mushrooms”, the Tuber magnatum Pico.

Alba International White Truffle Fair is an event that, for eight weeks, turns the spotlight on Alba, on the hills of Langhe, Roero, Monferrato, on quality food farming and on the excellence of our country, becoming one of the most sought after and prestigious showcases of Made in Italy.

The White Truffle of Alba has once again proved to be the ambassador of a very wide and varied context, the standard-bearer in the world of a territory rich in landscape beauties, traditions, culture and a food and wine quality that is one of the main engines economic resources of the Langhe Monferrato and Roero area.


Furthermore, on 31 October 2017, Alba was officially proclaimed by UNESCO, “Creative City for Gastronomy“. A recognition that strengthens the international vocation of the city. Nestled in the beautiful natural scenery of the Langhe, of which it is the historical and economic capital, Alba is a city rich in culture, history and traditions. It is the ancient Alba Pompeia, but certainly of pre-Roman origins, rich in archaeological finds and evidence of its glorious past. The city counts among its citizen’s illustrious men such as emperors (including the consul Publius Elvio Pertinace), experts in law and history, ministers, but also modern entrepreneurs. Alba is known for its beauties, its curious views, for its renowned industries and its gastronomic products, including truffles and wine, sold today all over the world.

International Alba White Truffle Fair 2019

The environment and the search for truffles

It is the most exciting experience for a truffle enthusiast. A seeker accompanied by the dog goes into the woods in search of the precious underground fungus, guided only by the animal’s intuition and intuition matured over years of experience. The white Alba truffle grows spontaneously, in symbiosis with specific trees or shrubs. These areas are characterized by an extremely delicate ecological balance, to which it is necessary to devote attention and agronomic care.

Alba White Truffle World Market and “Alba quality”

The heart of the fair, every Saturday and Sunday in October and November is the World White Truffle Market; in the heart of Alba, there is the Alba Truffle Show: the Show Cooking space with the great chefs, the Sensory Truffle Analysis, the Wine Tasting Experience®, twinning with territories of excellent food and wine and “marriages of taste” in the hills of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato together with guests, meetings and debates.
But the Fair is also folklore and great historical re-enactments, while its educational function is confirmed and expanded with the Alba Truffle Bimbi, the pavilion dedicated to children and their families.

The First of November, the Alba White Truffle World Market will open.
It is the historical heart of the event dedicated to the Tuber magnatum Pico. An exhibition area located in the historic center (Cortile della Maddalena, Alba), the ideal place to appreciate and buy the best truffles from the woods of Langhe Roero and Monferrato.

Alba Quality

The booths exhibition of Alba Quality offers an exhaustive and complete panorama of the gastronomic and wine quality of the area, with particular attention to the artisan productions of the territory with thousands of products for tasting and sale.

Beyond the Truffle

Beyond the Truffle is the area reserved for catering and for tasting the great wines of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, where you can taste typical dishes made to accompany and enhance the aromas of the White Truffle of Alba combined with an excellent glass of wine. The tasting area, for a quick and quick pause, is not equipped with seats, but with comfortable support tables and does not include a booking service.

Foodies Moments during International Alba White Truffle Fair 2019

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Take part of the best

  • Saturday 5 October – Chef Gabriele BoffaRelais Sant’Uffizio at 11 AM
  • Saturday 5 October – Chef Federico Gallo – Locanda del Pilone at 6 PM
  • Sunday 6 October – Chef Gille Dudognon – La table du couvent at 11 AM
  • Sunday 6 October – Chef Michelangelo Mammoliti – La Madernassa at 6 PM
  • Saturday 12 October – Chef Cristina Bowerman – Glass Hostaria at 11 AM
  • Sunday 13 October – Chef Davide Oldani – D’O at 11 AM
  • Sunday 13 October – Chef Walter Ferretto – Ilcascinalenuovo at 6 PM
  • Saturday 19 October – Fratelli Cerea – Da Vittorio at 11 AM
  • Sunday 20 October – Chef Ugo Alciati – Guido Ristorante Da Vittorio at 11 AM
  • Sunday 20 October Chef Marco Stabile – Ora d’Aria at 6 PM
  • Saturday 26 October – Chef Flavio Costa – Tenuta Carretta 21.9 at 11 AM
  • Sunday 26 October – Chef Luca Zecchin – Guido da Costigliole at 11 AM
  • Friday 1 November – Chef Damiano Nigro – Villa D’Amelia at 6 PM
  • Sunday 3 November – Chef Andrea Ribaldone – Osteria Arborina at 6 PM
  • Sunday 10 November – Chef Andrea Berton – Ristorante Berton 11 AM
  • Sunday 10 November – Chef Paolo Griffa – Le Petit Royal at 6 PM
  • Saturday 16 November – Chef Terry Giacomello – Ristorante Inkiostro at 11 AM
  • Sunday 17 November – Chef Andrea Larossa – Larossa Restaurant at 11AM
  • Sunday 17 November – Chef Riccardo Bassetti – Il Porticciolo at 6 PM
  • Saturday 23 November – Chef Philippe Léveillé – Miramonti l’altro 11AM
  • Saturday 23 November – Chef Fabrizio Tesse – Ristorante La Rei at 6 PM

How to buy truffle at Alba Truffle Fair 2019

The gleba, crossed by numerous white, very ramified veins, varies from milk-colored, to deep pink, to brown. The dimensions are variable. It is harvested from late summer, throughout the autumn, until the beginning of winter. It is an absolutely spontaneous mushroom: today there are no cultivation techniques.

How to buy truffle at Alba Truffle Fair 2019
How to buy truffle at Alba Truffle Fair 2019
    Truffle vendors present truffles to the judges
    A careful sensory analysis is performed.
    Truffles considered suitable for sale are weighed and counted.
    Distribution of a numbered bag for each truffle suitable for sale.

The International White Truffle Fair of Alba applies a rigorous protocol for selecting the fresh product for sale. Every year the Municipality of Alba appoints a commission composed of experts, who draw up a regulation to regulate the sale of the Truffle. All truffle sellers present at the fair (trifulau or merchants) must comply with this regulation. In particular at the World Truffle Market there is a commission composed of judges of sensory analysis who are very expert throughout the opening hours.

Buy the tickets: Official Website – Here or discover where to stay in Alba.
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The ticket for the Alba White Truffle World Market is included by purchasing a Wine Tasting Experience, Sensory Truffle Analysis, Foodies Moments. It can be picked up directly at the cash desks.

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