Italian Moscato white wine in langhe

What kind of wine is Moscato?

The name Moscato derives from “muscat” given its scent of nutmeg, musk and peaches. The vineyard from which the Moscato wine is produced is precisely the white-yellow Moscato with a golden hue. Italian Moscato wine is a very aromatic sweet white wine. Moscato wine is produced in many regions of Italy and not only, in fact, Muscat wine is also produced in France, Spain, Greece and South Africa.

Muscat wine, having a sweet taste, is an excellent wine that makes dessert. In fact, it is very suitable to be drunk with baked cakes, fruit-based cakes and dry pastries. Some appreciate it very much during the aperitif, along with cold cuts and cheeses, precisely to create a contrast between the sweetness of white wine and the sapidity of salami.

Moscato glass

What is the best Italian Moscato white wine to drink?

There are many producers of Muscat wine, but among Italian white Muscat we can find several still and sparkling white wines awarded by the Gambero Rosso 2019 guide.

Among the award-winning Italian white Moscato wines we find:

  • Piemonte Moscato passito La bella Estate 2016Vite Colte – Best Sweet Wine
  • Moscato d’Asti Canelli Ciombo 2017Tenuta Il Falchetto
  • Moscato d’Asti Casa di Bianca 2017Gianni Doglia
  • Calabria IGT Moscato Passito di Saracena 2017Luigi Viola

Italian Sweet Moscato white Wine description:

Grapes used: 100% White Muscat

Color: Golden yellow
Taste: Balanced, sweet, persistent
Serving temperature: 8-10 ° C
Pairings: Traditionally sweet and fruit coon, particular pairing with cold cuts and cheeses

What does Moscato taste like?

Moscato White wine glass

Moscato has an unmistakable aroma, musk, peach and sage are the most intense aromas, but there are hints of honey, wisteria and citrus fruits. On the palate, it results in a compact, elegant wine with good acidity. Muscat wine should be served and drunk cold, at a temperature of 8-10 ° C in large glasses, to allow its scents to intoxicate the nose. During a Moscato Wine Tasting Tour you will discover the characteristics of the Italian Moscato wine

Is Moscato dry or sweet?

Italian Moscato white wine in langhe
Moscato is one of the most widespread aromatic vines on the Italian territory, there are many types of Moscato produced. In fact the most famous Moscato is the sweet white one, but also the dry version of Muscat is excellent.

In addition, there is also the Moscato Rosa, produced from the red grapes of a late harvest. So, many famous Italian Moscato White Wines are the sweet ones like Moscato d’Asti, but there are many producers of excellent wines, Moscato Giallo, Rosa and Moscato di Pantelleria, better known as Zibibbo.

The different types of Moscato, with regard to white wines from Moscato Bianco, are classified into three types: dry, fresh and very aromatic wines, sweet sparkling wines and Muscat wine or dessert wines.

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