What to know about Alba truffle hunting in Langhe Area

What to know about Truffle Hunting in Langhe

Thanks to Truffle Hunting Alba, one of the best tour operators in the Piedmont Region, you can participate in the best truffle hunts in the Langhe and Monferrato area. In fact, truffle hunting is one of the most popular activities in the Langhe and Monferrato area. If you have organized a holiday in Piedmont and want to book a truffle hunt in Piedmont you can get all the information you need to get equipped and prepared in the Langhe and Monferrato woods to go in search of the rare pearls of the land. Many want to book a truffle hunt but they don’t know what happens when they meet and what to expect from truffle hunting.


Truffle hunter Setter in Woods

What happens during truffle hunting in Langhe area

In addition to knowing what to wear for truffle hunting, you can find out what happens during a truffle hunt. Initially, you will meet an expert truffle hunter, with an authorization license. In fact, for truffle hunting, it is necessary to be accompanied by an expert since it is a regulated activity and the woods are private. Each Trifolao is accompanied by one or more dogs, in fact, they are carefully trained precisely for truffle hunting. During your truffle hunting activity, you will then be accompanied in the woods by the expert guide and his dog.

what to know for truffle hunting


Where and when to find truffles

It will be the Trifolao (Luca from La Morra or Marco from Serralunga D’Alba) to explain to you where to look for truffles, in fact, these are not found everywhere, but between the roots of certain trees and plants. So during the truffle hunt, you will have to accompany the dog through the woods and he will smell the ground until he feels the scent of the truffle hiding about 10 cm deep in the ground. Truffle hunting is usually done at night or early in the morning when it is not too hot and dogs are not disturbed by noise and daytime animals. It is also possible to find truffles during almost all seasons, but each type of truffle has its seasonality. In fact, in summer it is possible to find the black summer truffle, while in autumn you can go in search of the prized white truffle. Then taste and taste the white truffle in Alba during the International Truffle Fair.

Lebanese Cedar Tree
Lebanese Cedar Tree – La Morra – Cordero di Montezemolo


The discovery of the truffle

As soon as the dog has discovered where the truffle is hiding it will begin to dig, at which point you will have to remove the dog before it eats the prized truffle. Often many truffle hunters give a small reward to the dog, to thank him for having found the truffle but above all to prevent him from trying to eat truffles. Now it will be necessary to dig in the ground, with your hands or with a small tool, to free the truffle from the land that surrounds it. You have to be very careful during the excavation, in fact, the truffles are very delicate and digging too much strength you risk ruining it. Digging with your hands, you will feel like the surrounding soil will smell of truffles.

langhe truffle hunter
Antonio, the truffle hunter

white truffle trade

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