Truffles, often referred to as the diamonds of the culinary world, have captured the imagination and palates of gourmands worldwide. Rooted in the mysterious underworld of the forest floor, these treasured fungi lend an extraordinary flavor profile to gastronomic creations. With a heritage deeply intertwined with culinary traditions, truffles continue to represent an indulgence well worth the pursuit.

Whether it’s the intoxicating aroma of a freshly shaved Italian white truffle or the delicate, nuanced flavors of a French black truffle, the experience is an unparalleled sensory journey. Despite their elusive nature and high price tag, the demand for these fragrant tubers has never waned. In fact, the thrill of a truffle hunt and the subsequent satisfaction of savoring this gourmet prize are experiences that many food lovers aspire to.

In the realm of truffles, several names stand out, one of which is Savini. A family-owned enterprise hailing from Italy, Savini Tartufi is synonymous with high-quality truffles and has been a vital player in the global truffle market for over four generations.

What is a Savini truffle?

The Savini truffle refers to truffles that are sourced and processed by the Savini Tartufi, a family-owned business based in Tuscany, Italy. This company has been involved in the truffle industry since the 1920s and has a reputation for providing high-quality truffles to markets around the world.

The Savini family has cultivated a deep knowledge of truffles and the land on which they grow. Their expertise, combined with a commitment to sustainable and ethical harvesting practices, has led to the production of some of the finest truffles available.

Savini truffles can come in a variety of types, including the prized white truffle (Tuber magnatum) and black truffle (Tuber melanosporum), depending on the season. The truffles are expertly hunted by experienced foragers, often with the help of specially trained dogs, who can sniff out these underground treasures.

Overall, a Savini truffle is more than just a truffle—it’s a symbol of culinary excellence and Italian heritage.

Why are Savini truffles so famous?

Savini truffles are famous for their consistent quality and the exceptional variety of truffle-based products the company offers. The Savini family’s expertise, passed down through generations, has also contributed to their reputation. Their commitment to sustainable harvesting and their respect for the land make their products even more desirable to conscious consumers.

Where are Savini truffles found?

Savini Tartufi is based in Tuscany, Italy, and the majority of their truffles are sourced from this region. However, they also source truffles from other parts of Italy and abroad to ensure a steady supply throughout the year.

How are Savini truffles harvested?

Savini truffles are harvested by experienced truffle hunters, often accompanied by specially trained dogs. These hunters know the Tuscany landscape intimately and understand the specific conditions under which each type of truffle grows.

What kinds of products does Savini Tartufi offer?

Savini Tartufi offers a wide range of truffle-based products, including fresh truffles, truffle oils, truffle sauces, truffle honeys, and even truffle-based pasta and risotto.

How can I use Savini truffles in my cooking?

Savini truffles can be used similarly to other truffles in cooking. They can be shaved over pasta, risotto, or meat dishes, or used in sauces to give a rich and earthy flavor. Savini’s truffle-based products, like their oils and sauces, can also be used to add a touch of luxury to a variety of dishes.

Where can I buy Savini truffles?

Savini truffles and their products can be purchased directly from their website, from gourmet food stores, and from some online retailers. It’s worth noting that fresh truffles are highly perishable and should be used soon after purchase for optimal flavor.

About Savini Truffles: What is it?

Savini Tartufi is an Italian company that is deeply rooted in the world of truffles. The Savini family has been involved in truffle cultivation and hunting for four generations, and they’re renowned for their exceptional truffle products.

The truffles sourced by Savini Tartufi vary in shape and size. They tend to be smaller than the Scorzone truffle, a type of summer truffle, and ripen from October to December. The Savini truffle experience offers an immersive journey into the mysterious world of truffles and is an excellent opportunity for food and wine lovers to learn more about these fascinating fungi.

Frequently Asked Questions about Truffles

  • What is a white truffle in Italian? The Italian name for the white truffle is “tartufo bianco d’Alba.” This truffle, scientifically known as Tuber magnatum, is a highly prized species.
  • What is a truffle in Italian? In Italy, truffles are known as ‘tartufo’. They grow beneath the surface close to tree roots, much like subterranean mushrooms.
  • What is a truffle hunt? Truffle hunting involves identifying areas where truffles grow, usually near the roots of certain trees. This process is often aided by a trained dog. Hunters use a special spade to extract the truffles without disturbing the soil conditions.
  • Where are white truffles found in Italy? The white truffle season in Italy is from September to December. They grow wild in the forests around Alba, particularly in the fertile area of Langhe in Piemonte, located between the Tanaro and Po Rivers and the Alps and Apennine mountain ranges.


The Savini Truffle is a treasure in the world of gourmet food. With its unique aroma and flavor, it can transform any dish into a culinary masterpiece. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or just starting to explore the world of truffles, a visit to the Savini Tartufi truffle experience is a journey you’ll surely cherish.


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