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Wine Landscape of Unesco’s heritage

Welcome to Piedmont region, in Northwest Italy.
In 2014 the major wine-producing area of Piemonte became a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring a 1,079-square mile “core zone” with 29 municipalities and a 7,600-square mile surrounding “buffer zone” with 82 municipalities.
This region is one of the five official statistical regions of Italy.  

A unique territory in the world outline, in which the sudden overlap of ridges (in the Langhe) or softer (in the Monferrato), gives rise to recurrent changes of the observer’s point of view, resulting in a variety and visual breadth, as well as a continuous intervisibility between urban centers, hills and vertical architectural structures formed by castle towers, bell towers and facades of Baroque churches

In addition to this, the different types of vine variety grown in the area, contribute to the perceptive richness, as leaves create a striking color effect, especially in autumn: it goes, for example, from shades of yellow golden muscat, to the
bright red of Barbera and finally to the pomace of Dolcetto.

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Langhe, Roero & Monferrato Unesco

Langhe, Roero & Monferrato Landscape is characterized by widespread heritage of ‘wine places“, from the majestic castles of Cuneo’s surroundings, to the underground cathedrals of Canelli, to infernot in Basso Monferrato. Precisely these interpretations, recognized by the UNESCO, will guide the articulation of this guide.

The sincere wish of those who helped to the drawing up of this guide, is that the reader will discover one of the thousands of environmental, agronomic, landscaping features, but especially human aspects that characterize these areas. And if you like Cesare Pavese in “La Luna e i falò“- “There is the need of a village, just only for the enjoyment of escaping from it. A village means not being alone, knowing that in the people, in plants, in the land there is something of yours, even when you’re not there, it is still waiting for you.”… Then here, that Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, places where the man has kept a millenary tradition, they can also become a bit your village.

Nizza Monferrato Vineyard LandscapeNizza Monferrato Vineyard Landscape
Nizza Monferrato Vineyard Landscape

Langhe, Roero & Monferrato Unesco Heritage map​

Culture, economy, tradition, language, food, everything is deeply tied to the wine in the territories of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato.

A bond that is born in ancient times to evolve day by day becoming the main and indissoluble value of the territory. A value so extraordinary to become in June 2014, the 50th Italian site of the World Heritage List of the UNESCO

The listed site consists of six main elements “The Langa of Barolo” (1), “The Castle of Grinzane Cavour” (2) “The hills of Barbaresco” (3), Nizza Monferrato and the Barbera “(4) and “Canelli and the Asti Spumante (5) “the Monferrato of Infernot‘ (6), and is completed with a proposal for a buffer zone, built to protect the site and its values.

Langhe, Roero & Monferrato Unesco Heritage map​​
Langhe, Roero & Monferrato Unesco Heritage map​​

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The village of Barolo (Bareu or Bareul in Piedmontese) is located in Langhe valley, protected by surrounding hills, almost entirely vineyard~cultivated. Its particular location might be the origin of the fame “Barolo“, from the Celtic “Bas reul” which means “low place”.

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Viticulture, Cultural Landscape

Vineyards dominate the landscape‘s design, occupying large tracts of hilly ridges with rows, mostly arranged “a girapoggio”, in other words following the course of contour lines. This layout, which greatly features the weaving and the perceptive impact of landscape, is due to the deep knowledge of man of soils’ attitudes.

In fact, this technique ensures that vineyards’ roots retain better the ground, avoiding landslides and run-oif. The beginning of the low is often characterized by the presence of a rose plant, that has at least two origins in popular tradition. It is said that the peasant of these lands is so tied to his landscape to give as a gift to earth, and an element of beauty to the sight of those who approach. 

infernot bottles Basso Monferrato