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Montegrosso D'Asti
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The origin of the municipality of Montegrosso d’Asti is traced back to the first half of the XII century when, during plague that decimated the inhabitants of several villages of the Tiglione valley, survivors converged on the high hill, that is now the urban centre, in order to seek safety in this healthy place. The historical development of this area is linked on one hand, to its location along the connection between Piedmont and Liguria and, on the other hand, to the thriving viticulture already attested in 1242 in the documents of the Asti’s historical archive. 

In the eighteenth century, some historical information related to a viticulture in Montegrosso purely dedicated to the Barbera. The historic center of the village, which is compact and perched on a small hill, is dominated by the medieval castle, square-shaped with massive cylindrical towers at the top. The structure is made of bricks in view, and has at its center a large porch consisting of rounded arches. Next to the castle is located the Parish Church.

Montegrosso D'Asti Castle

Montegrosso D'Asti Castle
Montegrosso D'Asti Castle

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