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Castelnuovo Calcea
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The little Piemontese village of Castelnuovo Calcea is ancient origins is developed in a panoramic position, surrounded by vineyards. The place name derives from the union between the name Castrum Novum (new encampment), and the word “ad calcarias’: which certainly leads to the presence of the nearby road that ran near the stream Nizza, and that often needed support works since it is was subject to flooding. The first information on the medieval origin of Castelnuovo Calcea date back to 1142, when it took part of, with other surrounding villages, the Committee of Loreto. 

The important strategic position occupied by Castelnuovo Calcea, led Asti to seek in every way to acquire the rights on this feud and, in fact, at the end of the Xll century, the Marquis of Incise was forced to sale Castelnuovo to Asti. After the domination of Asti, the settlement passed to the Duchy of Milan, which remained united until 1735. As part of the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) and the war for the succession of Monferrato (1627-1630), Castelnuovo Calcea was the point of contention between France, Spain and the Duke of Savoy. The captain of the Duke of Savoy was able to occupy the settlement in 1634, despite the inhabitants’ resistance, who joined the Spanish militia and revolted against him

Castle &

The area of the castle, owned by Solinas from the mid-seventeenth century to the mid nineteenth century, passed in 1870 to the Beneck who remained there until 1939.Today the castle is owned by the town, which in 1985 bought the site and has started the recovery. 

The large opposite courtyard is venue of many public events, while the original underground path allows access to the top of the area, used as a public park and viewpoint. A few steps away from the castle is located the chief barocca dedicate a Santo Stefano, characterized by the imposing brick in view facade enriched by a portico of slender columns. 

To the agricultural and in particular to the wine tradition. is dedicated the “Nido della memoria”, (Nest of memory), a museum that contains an extensive exhibition of tools and instruments used in the past by farmers and local artisans.

castelnuovo calcea castle
Castelnuovo Calcea Castle, Monferrato, Piedmont, Italy

Michele Chiarlo Vineyard

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In the land of Castelnuovo Calcea are located numerous wineries, among which the famous Azienda vitivinicola Michele Chiarlo.
In addition to the fine vineyards, in the estate is located the artistic park ‘Or me su La Court ” (Footprints on La Court), designed to pay tribute to the Barbera and to provide artistic and cultural performances. inside are the Observatory, which is the tower from which they can see vineyards. villages and hills of the territory of the Barbers d’Asti. 

Furthermore, between the rows, are located permanent sculptures dedicated to the natural elements:
water, air and lire, and polemark heads with sculptures on the first poles of the rows

Michele Chiarlo, vineyard
Michele Chiarlo, Art Park La Court: a vineyard to be lived

Castelnuovo Calcea Private Luxury Tours

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What to sleep in Castelnuovo Calcea?

Discover Wineries, Vineyards, Private Wine Tours, Truffle Hunting & What to do in Castelnuovo Calcea, Monferrato, Piedmont, Italy.

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Hotel Booking

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